Provide individuals, families and the community with classes and workshops on Substance Use Disorder (addiction), recovery and relapse, triggers and coping skills, family dynamics, co-dependency, as well as healthy boundaries & healthy relationships. Other classes will be held once a week on Saturday at 12:00pm on a rotating schedule. Please check the calendar to find out more information.


We provide peer to peer recovery coaching both to individuals, spouses and families. We also provide counselors on staff for individual, marriage, and family dealing with addiction and long- term sobriety.


We provide peer to peer recovery coaching to individuals, spouses and families. We also have counselors on staff available for individuals, loved ones, and families dealing with addiction and long-term recovery.

Professional Growth & Development

We have a business center on site that gives members the ability to use the computer to look for jobs, search for a place to live, work on assignments for work/school, apply for FAFSA, create a budget, and access to a printer. We also have resources available for those who are actively seeking employment. For example; providing a list of companies that hire people with a challenging past, hosting mock interviews, resume coaching and inviting local business owners to come and speak with individuals looking for employment.

Health & Wellness

Yoga classes, meditation and mindfulness classes, boot camp workouts, and nutritional classes that will help with healing the brain and gaining a new healthy lifestyle.

Health & Wellness

Free yoga classes, meditation & mindfulness classes, boot camp workouts, LGL Runs (the Life Giving Life running club) and nutritional classes that will help educate people on healing the brain and body through a new healthy lifestyle.


One thing our community is lacking is social activities for people in recovery! We will be partnering with various local entertainment venues, fitness centers, restaurants, and other social outlets to provide recovery friendly social activities! It’s difficult for most people that are trying to transition into a “new life” of recovery to socialize without being tempted by their old environment and friends. On top of various social events we also have sporting leagues we will be involved in; Fun Runs, game nights, golf outings, dances and other fun activities to help people in recovery find a new social network.