Our Past Doesn’t Define Our Future

Life Giving Life is committed to helping those who are having a hard time or need help with the transition into their “new normal” way of sober life .  We are also committed to assisting families that need help adjusting to a member who was struggling with addiction and the transition into sobriety along with the changes that come with a new way of living for the individual as well as the family.  Remember, addiction is a family disease.

Life Giving Life "The Recovery Project" is based around 5 Core Values:

Support- Peer to Peer Support (individually and Groups), on staff Substance Abuse Counselors and Counselor Interns (extensively trained and well qualified) We also have a LPC and LCDCi on staff available by appt.

Education- Workshops, Classes based on the needs of our members, and Conferences.

Health & Wellness: Free yoga classes, Free bootcamps, and nutritional classes to educate on a new healthy lifestyle and foods that can heal the brain and body.

Professional Growth & Development: Help with resume, business center to look for jobs, Help students with FASA, mock interviews, invite business owners in the community to come in, talk and answer questions.

SOBER FUN! one key element to recovery and staying sober is environment. More times then none that is where a lot of relapse comes into play. Now, is a great opportunity to join a sober community and attend events like a bowling night, movie night, game night, softball/volleyball team, BBQ’s and we also will have a running club. We have and continue to partner with numerous businesses within the community to continue to provide events for our members.

We are passionate about helping people successfully make that transition into sober life. It is important to us that we help each individual and families with all aspects and struggles one could go through when starting a life of long term recovery.

Life Giving Life is a non-profit dedicated to helping individuals and families with the transition into a life of sobriety. We are a member based organization with no cost to members who participate. We do require an initial intake process for safety purposes however, all members will have access to the centers resources.

Life Giving Life “The Recovery Project” provides trauma-informed supports based on the guiding principles that people can and do recover from alcohol and drug addiction and that competence and wisdom reside in those with lived experience. People at all points on the recovery continuum of care are offered the safe, respectful, space to develop healthy relationships, participate in a supportive community, develop new interests, attend alternative healing arts activities, practice new social skills, and hone unique talents. Members of the Life Giving Life community find opportunities to both give and receive support through a variety of educational, volunteer, social, and skill building activities that help to overcome emotional and social isolation, develop strengths, build leadership capacity, and prevent relapse. Information about other community resources that support recovery in all its complexity and forms are always available at the Life Giving Life.

The peer recovery movement is exploding across this country and throughout the world. Our vision is to create a recovery-informed organization and individuals throughout Montgomery County. This net will be ever widening, ever deepening, to allow for sustained recovery by removing barriers that exist via stigma, outdated social policies, antiquated healthcare practices, and commonplace ignorance. We carry hope, opportunity, and experience to anyone seeking help and helping to save lives one life at a time. We, our community and all the people in this community ARE THE SOLUTION!